All of our products ship with a Fill it Forward™ tag. The Fill it Forward™ tag connects you to the Fill it Forward™ app allowing you to take your reuse experience to a whole new level.

With Fill it Forward, here’s what happens each time you reuse.

Clean water projects

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Give a cup of clean water to someone in need each time you refill. Each cup you give will help fund water based projects around the world. You can track our progress and we’ll update you as projects are completed.


Track your footprint

Each time you reuse your cup, mug or bottle you are making an environmental impact. With the Fill it Forward app you can easily track waste diverted, emissions saved, and how much ocean pollution you have prevented.

Stay Hydrated

Want to track your beverage consumption throughout the day? We make it easy to set goals and reminders so you always meet your hydration goals.

Earn Badges

We think you deserve some recognition for being a reuse rockstar! Earn badges like the Seal of Approval or the Touchdown when you hit reuse milestones.

Start a streak

You’re a reuse superstar! Start a streak every time you reuse 3 days in a row. How long can you reuse for?

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